St. Matthew School
Student Enrollment Form

School Year: _________________            New or Current Student          Grade in which to enroll: ______
First Name: ___________________   Middle Name: ________________   Last Name: ________________________
Preferred First Name:____________ Family Last Name: ________________
Male  Female Birth date: ________
 CatholicYes No City & State of Birth:__________________________
Lives With: Both Parents Mother Father Mother/Stepfather Father/Stepmother Grandparents 
                   Other ___________________
Federal guidelines require us to record the Race/Ethnicity of every child.  You must answer the following question and then indicate your race. Hispanic is considered an ethnicity and not a racial group. If you are of Hispanic ethnicity, you must also select a racial group.
Are you Hispanic/Latino or of Spanish origin? Yes No
Select one or more from the following racial groups:
American Indian/Alaska Native  Asian Black/African American Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander White
Previous School Attended: _________________________________________
Public Grade School & District Area: ______________________________________________________________
Comments: Enter any additional comments about this student here.


If the student is Catholic, enter the following information if you have not previously submitted it.
Baptism Date:______________ Parish:__________________________________________
First Reconciliation Date:____________ Parish:__________________________________________
First Communion Date:______________ Parish:__________________________________________
Confirmation Date:______________ Parish:__________________________________________
Parent Signature ____________________________________   Date ___________________