School Board Nominations


St. Matthew School Board’s Nominating Committee will be composed of:

  • The Pastor (or a designated representative)
  • The Principal
  • 3 seated Board members selected by their peers


St. Matthew School Board’s Nominating Committee will be composed of the Pastor (or his designated representative), Principal, and three (3) seated Board members selected by their peers. Board members selected to the Nominating Committee will consist of one member from each elected/appointed term of service.  No nominating committee member can be seeking re-election.  In the event that all members of a year group are seeking re-election, a second committee member will be chosen from the next senior term-of-service group. This committee is charged with identifying and screening candidates and presenting a slate of nominees for election to the full Board of review of acceptance or rejection prior to the March meeting of the Home-School Association.  Each nominating committee member has 1 vote. If consensus is not reached than parliamentary determination be required.


The nominating committee in proposing the parent- representative nominees for election to the school board will consider the following eligibility requirements and qualifications:

  • Membership in St. Matthew Home and School Association;
  • A genuine interest in Catholic education/schools;
  • Ability to work effectively with others in achieving consensus in decisions for the good of the entire St. Matthew School Community;
  • Ability and willingness to make necessary and substantial time commitment for the thought and study as well as meetings and related school board activities, including development;
  • A willingness to maintain high levels of integrity and confidentiality.
  • A willingness to attend periodic in service programs;
  • A willingness to support St. Matthew School, Hartford Archdiocesan philosophy and mission;
  • Having a sense of future vision for the school;
  • Being a credible witness of the Catholic faith to the school and beyond.


  • A willingness to give time to serve conscientiously.
  • A willingness to attend board functions regularly.
  • A high level of honesty, integrity, and prudence.
  • Ability to act without bias toward faculty and other employees of the school.
  • An inquiring mind, open to both sides of an issue.
  • The courage to face unpleasant tasks and decisions.
  • Ability to be objective and make discernments free of personal, financial, or operational bias.
  • Willingness to disclose any existing or potential conflicts of interest.
  • A commitment to the importance of service to the St. Matthew Parish Community.
  • A willingness to learn while preparing for and serving as a board member.



  • A commitment to understand and support the mission of St. Matthew Parish.
  • A commitment to support the teachings of the church on education and directives of the parish and the archdiocesan department of education.
  • A willingness to exercise the delegated authority and control for the conducting of business and affairs of the school.
  • A willingness to serve within the philosophy, directives and corporate structures of the parish.
  • An appreciation for confidentiality in matters pertaining to the board, the school and the parish.
  • A willingness to support board decisions even if he/she does not fully agree.


The following information will be required from potential candidates seeking election to the school board:

  • Biographical Sketch
    • Name
    • Children attending St. Matthew School
    • Status of St .Matthew Parish, membership/affiliation
    • Archdiocesan/parish/civic involvement
    • Occupation
  • Statement of Candidacy
    • Vision for St. Matthew School
    • Talents, expertise available to the school
    • Willingness to give time, talent, energy to board membership
    • Reasons for desiring School Board Membership