Important Things to Remember when Ordering SCRIPT!

Why is INV in the Name?

Our "In Stock" inventory of local grocery store cards and those purchased at better rebates, will have INV listed in their name. When ordering online please be sure to choose suppliers with "INV" in the name. This will ensure that you cards come from our in stock inventory, and not from our special orders placed weekly.

Examples: Kohl's(Inv), Gnazzo's(Inv), Price Chopper(Inv), Shop Rite(Inv), Southside Mear Market (Inv), and Stop&Shop (Inv).

Order and Pay Online

The easiest way to receive your script is to order your cards online, pay online using your Prestopay account, print your order and sent it in to school in the blue envelope. We use the oversized envelope to make it easier to find in the backpack, there is also less chance of your order being misplaced.

How do I Check my Assessment Progress?

From the homepage of your account, click on the Account Activity button on the left side navigation. All progress from scrip purchased and fundraisers will be updated here.

Script Coordinator - Kerry Thompson