HSA: Home and School Association

The Home and School Association serves as a supportive, dedicated, and loving connection between our families and staff in a shared effort to enhance the dynamic programming our school provides each child. All families are members of our HSA!

Our board

President: Jennifer Dobrzycka

Vice President:

Finance Chair: Monika Serwinski

Secretary: Iwona Serwinski

Fundraising Chairs: Kate Robotham, Jennifer Vamvakas

SCRIP Coordinator: Kerry Thompson

Community Events Chair: Kristin Shores

Parent Liaison(s): Melissa McCarthy/Pam Drzewiecki

Volunteer Coordinators: Michelle Smoloski, Jessica Hyde-Cadogan

Community Fundraisers: Jen Vamvakas

Pastor: Father John Dietrich

Principal: Dr. Liz Plasky

CT Federation of Catholic School Parent Liaison: Anthony Dolce