How To Purchase ScripNow Cards using Presto Pay

This tutorial will walk you through purchasing e-scrip cards and using Presto Pay to pay for them. (Note: Not all scrip cards allow for electronic cards to be purchased.)

After going to in your favorite browser, you will see this main page. Click on the sign In button.

script sign in

This new page will take you to where you need to sign in. Type in the Username that was given to you by the Scrip Coordinator at St. Matthew School. Then place your Password in the appropriate box. Click the Sign In button to complete the process.

shopwithscript sign in

You will also need to verify your account. You can choose to receive a text message or phone call (after choosing the appropriate device from the drop down menu).

On the next screen, they will alert you that the verification code was sent. Note that you will not be able to use this verification code more than one time. Every time you long in, you will need a new verification code. Place the code in the box to the left of the submit button and then press submit to continue.

Once you are signed in, your opening page will look something like the one below. The picture will change depending on what is going on. You’ll want to click on the link for Shop.

You’ll now be able to browse all of the options. Choose the letter of the store you would like to purchase the card from. We’re looking for a Whole Foods Gift card, so we’ll click on W.

The results will then show us all of the cards available that start with the letter “W”. We’ll just need to click on the Whole Foods.

When we click on Whole Foods, we can see that there are three options: The first is to get a physical card, the second to get a ScripNow (this is what we want!) and the third is to refill a physical card that we purchased. Because we want this to be completely online, we’ll choose the second option. A good note, if no e-card is available (or a refill is not available) they will be light gray and you cannot choose the option.

Now that we’ve chosen Whole Foods for our ScripNow ecard, we need to choose how much we want our card to be. We can see they are offered in denominations of $10. In the Dollar Amount, we’re going to place that number (In this case, “$30.00). Lastly, we can see that the Rebate is 3%. Once we put the Dollar Amount in, click on “Add to Cart”.

After clicking “Add to Cart”, the page refreshes and we can see there is a Confirmation that the item was successfully added to the cart.

We can see that our CART has one item in there. Choose CART to pay for your ScipNow ecard.

Once you click on CART, you’ll be brought to a check out page. The top red oval is where you will type the four digit pin you chose when you signed up for paying online. The lower red oval is where you click submit to complete your order. Note: on this page, you will also see the amount of rebate that you will receive from this order. While it might not seem like much, when you use Scrip, it does add up quickly.

Now that you’ve clicked the submit button, you see the confirmation that your order is submitted and will be processed. Please note, when you purchase online, there is a 15 cent fee for convenience. If you want to save this for your files, click on Print/Save.

Pretty soon after getting the confirmation, in your email that is attached to Scrip, you’ll get an email to the account that is linked to Scrip. Click on the link, “here” to go to Scrip.

When you click on the link, you’ll either need to sign into Scrip again, or it will bring you to the page to print out your paper Scrip. Click view to see your eScripNow.

And here’s your ScripNow ecard. Print it off and keep it in a safe place until you plan on using it.