Middle School

A strong middle school experience is essential for your child’s success in high school and beyond.

At St. Matthew School, we recognize the dynamic environment students need to thrive at this age and know what it takes to help guide them to meet success in academics, athletics, and personal pursuits. Our middle school program is departmentalized to leverage core academic areas and pair them with teachers who have education, experience, and passion for the subject areas they teach. When your child steps foot into our Religion and Math classes taught by Mrs. Schigas, expect them to come home each day excited about real-world applications of mathematical concepts, a strong foundation in Pre-Algebra skills, and a more personal relationship with Jesus through a stronger background of their faith. Mr. Hayes will help students knowledgeably formulate their thoughts in the written word and get lost in literature while analyzing texts in complex ways for understanding. In our Science and Social Studies classes, Mrs. Persichetti will inspire students to think critically about the world around them and discover how a deep understanding of history impacts their lives. In addition, we are proud to offer students Honors Math classes through high school level Algebra, all while they’re at SMS! This, along with special area classes in Spanish, Art, Music, and Physical Education, creates a memorable experience, rooted in exceptionally strong academics that will last a lifetime.

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