School Board


Purpose & Function: 
The purpose and function of the St. Matthew School Board is as follows:

The School Board is by its nature advisory to the Pastor. The function of the School Board shall be to be a means for the exercise of shared responsibility for the mission of Catholic education within the context of the parish mission at St. Matthew School, and to provide leadership, assistance, and support for the school in the fulfillment of its mission as a center of quality Catholic education.

The main responsibilities of the Board include the following:

Mission Statement: adoption of the School’s mission statement, and periodic review of its operational validity.

Policy: the development, and adoption and review of policy for the school, as needed, within the framework of archdiocesan policy.

Planning: the development and regular updating of a five year plan for the school; annual goal setting for the School and for the Board. The long-range plan should follow the guidelines of the Office of Catholic Schools.

Development: the formulation and implementation of a Development program for the school following archdiocesan guidelines, and in cooperation with the Office of Catholic Schools.

Budget: adopting and monitoring the School’s operational budget, according to the format specified by the Office of Catholic Schools; reviewing periodic reports from the Principal on the implementation of the budget.

Appointment of the Principal: when a vacancy occurs, recommending to the Pastor from the diocesan-approved candidates the appointment of the Principal; recommending to the Pastor the removal or non-renewal of the Principal’s contract, based upon evaluation of performance.

Evaluation: systematically evaluating the School’s mission statement, goals, and school policies; the Principal; the Board itself.

Membership: The School Board shall consist of no fewer than nine and no more than fifteen members.

Meetings: School Board meetings are generally held on a monthly basis as agreed upon at its initial meeting each year.

SMS School Board Members




Phyliss Del Mastro

Vice Chair

Bonnie Doughty-Jenkins


 Barb Banda

Executive Member

Father John Dietrich, Pastor

Executive Member

Dr. Liz Plasky , Principal


Joan Murphy

Lou Vamvakas

James St.Pierre

Hannah Guerin

Patricia Levandoski

Jennifer Dabrzycka – HSA