Box Tops for Education: St. Matthew School


box top educationHelp earn money for ST. MATTHEW SCHOOL by simply cutting the Box Tops off the products you use at home!!

Each student will be given a Sheet that holds 25 Box Tops. EACH FORM IS WORTH $2.50.

Fill the ENTIRE page (tape or glue) and submit it to your teacher (be sure to add your name and grade).

Please note that the “bonus” Box Tops cannot be combined on the sheet with the singles. Please collect those separately and clip/staple them to your sheets.

Each time a STUDENT submits a Sheet with 25 Box Tops they will earn a ticket be entered into a raffle! (prize to be determined).

The CLASS with the highest total in June will win an Ice Cream or Sweet Treat!! Class Contests will be held throughout the year!

Check out the competition in each classroom for a running total of class submittals. Each Class Goal is $400!! First class to reach their goal will earn a treat!

The FAMILY who submits the highest total (in June) will win $75!!

Ask your friends, family and neighbors to clip their Box Tops!! Everyone has them–just ask! A form to give out is attached (just add your own snack size baggie).

If you need more forms, they are located in each classroom or outside the School Office – just ask your child to grab a few to bring home—or contact Michelle Smoloski at or (860-402-3432).

Individual and family calculations will be monitored by Michelle Smoloski.